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When you choose to become a life coach, you would prefer to learn in a way that is practical, efficient and effective. Our experiential and immersive style NLP Coach Training will not only help you become a  Certified NLP Coach but also help you blend your existing knowledge & experience with the coaching expertise.

Most of our students, just like you, come from various professions and businesses and bring their own expertise.

NLP coach training program helps you align all the existing resources and the new learnings in a way that is useful for you as a coach as well as your clients. This program helps you be an accomplished and successful coach, as well as an expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming.


How does NLP help you coach better?

Learning NLP helps you create better relationships, change limiting beliefs, integrate conflicts, heal problem memories, dramatically improve your health, learn faster and figure out how to be more successful at almost anything you do.

How is this possible? Because NLP offers practical skills to better understand yourself and others, be happier in your life, and to achieve your goals and dreams.

There are four levels of our comprehensive NLP Coach Training 

  1. NLP Practitioner Training (6 Days)
  2. NLP Master Practitioner Training 6 Days)
  3. NLP Coach Training(6 Days)
  4. Building Successful Coaching Business (2 Days)

By completing these 18 Days on comprehensive and intensive training, you not only qualify to be a coach but also gain immense insight on how to coach people and help them get what they want in their lives. And you get a shining, successful career as a coach. It is indeed a win-win situation for you and your clients.


With the successful completion of each level, you will qualify for the following certification.
These certifications will be issued by BusinessUniv NLP Reseach and approved by IINLP.

  1. NLP Practitioner Certification (On completion of Level 1)
  2. NLP Coach Level 1 Certification  (On completion of Level 1)
  3. NLP Business Practitioner Certification  (On completion of Level 1)
  4. NLP Master Practitioner Certification  (On completion of Level 1 + Level 2)
  5. NLP Coach Level 2 Certification  (On completion of Level 1 + Level 2)
  6. NLP Coach Certification (On completion of Level 1 + Level 2 + Level 3)


NLP Coach Levels Training Modules Duration Fee
Coach Training Level 1 NLP Practitioner 5 Days Rs 42,000.00
Coach Training Level 2 NLP Master Practitioner 6 Days + Project Rs 42,000.00
Coach Training Level 3 NLP Coaching 6 Days + Project Rs 42,000.00
Coaching Practice Builder Building Successful Coaching Business 2 Days Rs 10,000.00

How to join the program

We know you are keen to join this program and learn to be a coach. Please click here to contact us


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