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You can now master the skills that can manage your own neurology, and create winning internal strategies that bring to you success in all paths of life.
This intensive NLP training in here to help you experience and develop skills that will help you be successful, happier and fulfilled in your life.
During the Intensive NLP Training , you will experience & learn things that are amazingly simple, yet very useful for you in your everyday life. You can use these NLP skills in your own life in therapeutic, personal, coaching and corporate contexts.

Experiential NLP Training

Ashish Sehgal NLP Training in Delhi

Intensive NLP Training with Ashish Sehgal is an in-depth NLP Training & Workshop, often a life changing experience, that your Coach Ashish Sehgal guides you through this journey full of meaningful miracles that you witness within yourself and around.

The NLP Program that you will attend is specially designed to let you experience a multitude of micro and macro changes in your own thoughts, during the activities throughout each day of the NLP training. With each experience, you will get newer perspectives and insights about how you see challenges and overcome them.


Ashish Sehgal is a leading Business & Life Coach, an Internationally Certified NLP Master Practitioner and an entrepreneur since more then 2 decades. His vast life and work experience, along-with his casual conversations approach towards life skills enables him to bring useful changes with a multitude of individuals, corporates and organizations.

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Intensive NLP Training can help you ...

  • If your life feels stifled or “on hold”
  • If you want to feel more confident
  • If you find yourself procrastinating on your ideas and desires and then feel cross with yourself
  • If you want to get ahead at work / in your career but you’re not sure which direction to take
  • If you want to manage your time really well so you feel organised and focussed to achieve excellence
  • If you want a better work / life balance
  • If you feel like your finances are out of control
  • If you want to improve your health and get fit
  • If you want to create better relationships with your partner, family, friends or work colleagues


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NLP Training with Ashish Sehgal helps you succeed in life in so many ways


NLP Training enables you to
  • Be completely aware of your hidden resources within yourself and around you
  • See clearly how you want to walk the path of you life
  • Set and achieve personal and profesisonal goals of life
  • Balance and enjoy your relationships to the fullest
  • Do what you are passionate about, with more internal resources
  • much more...
NLP helps you to
  • Enhance relationship in all areas in your life
  • Get over with fear, phobias and limiting beliefs
  • Set and achieve goals of life
  • Bring more mastery to your communications
  • Handle stress with lightness and humour
  • much more...

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What makes NLP-Authority the Best Choice for NLP Training?

Program Features NLP Authority NLP Training Conventional NLP Training
NLP Training YES! YES
Life Skills YES! A few focus on real life skills
Facilitators with Real World & Business Experience YES! 25 Years of Real World Business Leadership Experience. Certified Master Practitioners of NLP Hardly a few years
Time Line Modalities  YES! No
Deep Installations YES! A few
Learning Environment Easy and Relaxed Formal
Learning Way Subtle Ways for Profound & Deep - Life changing Impact Conventional
Training Methodology  Experiential Learning Classroom Approach
ISO Certified Organization YES! BusinessUniv is an ISO Certified Organzaton from JAS ANZ Australia and also member of IAF No
Special Optional Session from a Business Coach YES! You can choose to attend an extra session with our Business Coach for business and career advice No
Post Program Support Yes, Post program coaching support Access to Practice NLP Online Group Free-Revisits to Success Maximum Sessions in your city. No
Choice of Locations  A unique mix of natural environment  session halls & open green areas boosting lot of creative and natural ways of learning Lecture Halls
Training conceived and managed by  BusinessUniv: Celebrating 10 years in trainings and transformations. Ashish Sehgal: 25 years of real life and business leadership experience. Individual Trainers with hardly any real experience outside trainings
Feedback System Feedback everyday & dynamically re-align sessions as per your states of mind Only at the end
NLP Training conceived and managed by  BusinessUniv: Celebrating 10 years in trainings and transformations. Individual Trainers

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